Re-Thinking Clinical Trials in Oncology
 Assessing the landscape of novel trial design for cancer therapies to improve data collection, enhance patient access, and drive clinical outcomes for breakthrough therapies

October 28, 2020 | Live Virtual Forum (EST)

Clinical Trials for cancer have evolved from being viewed as a last-ditch effort to the best chance of [a patient] getting cured. With the global pandemic bringing forth a relaxation in regulations from Agencies worldwide, the industry is currently asking itself what the future of oncology trial design and execution really looks like. How might new approaches in decentralized trials be done safely and effectively while also opening up the opportunity to tackle the traditional challenges associated with trial recruitment, engagement, diversity, and patient access? At the same time, there is a clinical rational for earlier phase trials in breakthrough therapies via IO, and novel approaches to trial design in the era of Precision Medicine and Biomarker Driven Therapies.

Join senior decision makers in clinical development to explore the benefits, opportunities and strategies to drive novel design approaches, evolve with the scientific landscape for cancer therapies, and accelerate breakthrough treatments to the patient.
    • What are the Lessons to be Learned from Ongoing Clinical Trials for Cancer Patients During the Global Pandemic?
    • Develop Regulator Strategies For Early Stages of Development to Understand What it Takes to Get New Products Approved
    • Understand how Under-representation of Minority Populations on Cancer Clinical Trials Impacts the Validity Of Trial Results and Can Exacerbate Health Disparities
    • Discuss How To Best Design Trials in The Age of Innovation
    • What is The Impact of “Big Data” and Data Analytics on Trial Design and Execution?

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