What’s New for 2018

2018 will change the political and economic landscape dramatically, which will have a huge impact on businesses. To reflect this change; we have evolved our agenda to provide a spotlight on the leading strategies and solutions to the challenges that In-House Counsel will be facing for the year ahead.

With more interactive discussions and networking opportunities than ever before, you will be able to delve into and explore the top priority challenges to businesses for 2018. Please see below to find out what’s new for the Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange in April 2018


Corporate Counsel & Compliance Newsletter

Launching our brand new Corporate Counsel & Compliance newsletter for 2018! In the lead up to the event, we will be bringing our attendees the latest news and reports from the Legal IQ team, including exclusive interviews, topical articles, updates on the event and forecasts for the year ahead.


Networking Night

To kick start the exchange, we will be hosting our exclusive networking evening. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for updates in the lead up to the event!


Reflect and Connect

Our attendees love to exchange expertise and ideas, so this year we are placing a great focus on facilitating these important, key moments with a range of puzzles, interactive games and that all important ‘time’ to reflect.


GC Superhero Series

In the modern era, General Counsels and Chief Compliance Officers are expected to transition into new roles at the first sight of crisis. In these sessions, we will be shining a spotlight on the leading experts and strategies of today to provide handy tips you can use in the future.


Revitalised App

With new opportunities to network with attendees over the app, arranging a coffee meeting has never been easier! Connect other attendees directly via the app. Have your say on our live polling and share your thoughts on the topics of the day.


Legal IQ Community

We are here to help a hand. Even after the event, we will be posting regular content, reports and exclusive interviews from the event and discussing the key challenges and solutions for In House Counsel over our LinkedIn group. So make sure to join our LinkedIn group so you never miss an update!