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Regulatory Change Made Through GRC Software Whitepaper (SPEX)

Regulatory Change Made Through GRC Software Whitepaper (SPEX)

There is an adage that “the only thing that is constant, is change.” This saying couldn’t be more applicable to the regulatory environment. Risks, both positive and negative, are affecting organizational objectives, business models, and operations. Moreover, new, untraditional competitors, disruptive technologies, and topics, such as data privacy, are raising questions in the minds of stakeholders whether risk is being adequately managed.

Download this whitepaper today to explore how regulatory change can be made simple through GRC software.

IQPC Exchange Sponsorship Inventory Pack

IQPC Exchange Sponsorship Inventory Pack

The IQPC Exchange Sponsorship Inventory Pack is a simple and informative guide to the opportunities available across the Exchange event portfolio. Whether you are keen to explore how we can help you generate new business or how you can increase brand awareness; download your pack today and find out how our tailored event packages can ensure your brand is in front of new customers and ahead of your competitors.

GDPR Consent Guide - Docusign

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was drafted to give citizens control over their personal information. That’s great news for individuals, but businesses will need to re-evaluate their privacy procedures and adjust how they request and manage consent. 

Face the GDPR’s requirements correctly, and you’ll win new customer trust and loyalty. Go into 2018 unprepared though, and you could be in for large fines and other unwelcome consequences. Now Fieldfisher, in association with DocuSign, offers guidance to prepare you for this unprecedented legislation.

Read this white paper to:

  • Learn the GDPR’s business implications: Get an overview of the GDPR’s changes, the impact on multinational businesses, and the opportunities it presents
  • Get consent best practices: Uncover specific examples for when businesses are required to obtain consent, how to record it, and citizens’ rights to withdraw it
  • Enhance compliance with digital tools: Learn what to look for in a technology partner that can mitigate your risk while improving the user experience
The Red Flag Group's Complete Guide to the 23 Risk Areas

The Red Flag Group's Complete Guide to the 23 Risk Areas

Companies are held responsible for their own integrity and ethics, but also for acts of their third parties. Suppliers, distributors, re-sellers and other third parties pose significant integrity and compliance risks that need to be managed by every company to avoid significant fines and reputational damage.

The Red Flag Group focuses on helping companies select and manage the best third parties, ensuring that they positively contribute to your reputation and business operations by conducting their business in a legal and ethical manner. It’s about selecting the right partner that will comply with the terms of their contracts and the laws of the land throughout the life of your engagement.

We cover 23 Risk areas divided over 4 Risk categories:

1. Anti-trust and Corruption

2. Employment, Safety and Reputation

3. Cyber Security and Business Stability

4. Environment and Governance