World’s first virtual conference dedicated to Justice and Corrections Leaders challenged with Operations in the midst of Covid-19

Online Summit | Free-to-attend | 01 June, 2020 

Combatting Covid-19’s Impact on the Health, Safety & Security of the Justice & Correctional Industry

Australia’s Incarcerated cohort population currently stands at over 45,000 people. Spread out across over 100+ private and publicly operated correctional, rehabilitation, remand and youth detention facilities, the industry is putting their heads together to come up with innovative and efficient means to protect their inmates, staff an community from the roaring impact COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, on the country.

Correctional Operations in the Age of COVID-19 will provide attendees with an opportunity to virtually connect with some of the industry’s leading thought leaders who are currently influencing operations, health and security innovation across the private and public sector.

Deep diving into topics such as telehealth communication, facility operations, stakeholder management, and security innovation, this event will address the key industry challenges that are currently moving their way through facilities. The event, scheduled for the 1 June 2020, has been designed to facilitate discussion through Q&A, interactive polls, webinars and virtual discuss roundtables.

    Program at a Glance
    Monday, 1st June 2020 | 8:50 am - 12:10 pm (AEST)

    8:50 AM Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson
    9:00 AM Thought Leadership Session
    9:30 AM Power Drive
    9:45 AM Understand How To Manage Staff and Stakeholder Expectations Through Innovative Operational Arrangements
    That Will Minimise Risk and Exposure to Contamination Within The Facilities
    Speaker: Geraldine Hayes, A/Chief Superintendent, Tasmanian Prison Service
    10:15 AM Break
    10:45 AM Thought Leadership Session
    11:15 AM Power Drive
    11:30 AM Developing A New Operational Role Charged With Combatting The Health, Safety and Security Challenges COVID19 Presents To Each Facility Across Australia.
    Speaker: Ash Dixon, Transition Director, Serco Asia Pacific
    11:30 AM Understanding How Forensic Health Services Can Uplift Telehealth Capabilities To Increase Health
    Communication and Reduce Risk of Exposure to Contamination in Facilities.
    Speaker: Barry Nicholson, Director of Nursing – Forensic Health Service, Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania
    12:00 PM Conference Closing – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson
    12:10 PM End of Online Conference

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    5 Reasons To Attend

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    Understand how facilities are managing staff and stakeholder expectations throughout this crisis, and how facilities are instilling regular security practices whilst reducing risk of contamination through innovating
    operating models.

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    Discover the need for facilities to adopt a new approach to COVID-19 and other crisis response efforts, by developing new roles that are solely charged with combatting and protecting facilities and operations
    during times of crisis

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    Hear from leaders how they are integrating innovative technology to assist with providing health to inmates and staff through telehealth solutions and leveraging resources and space to create screening
    and isolation spaces.

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    Connect with leaders from across both the private and public sector, hearing how they are coming together to tackle COVID-19 and minimise health and safety risks to the entire community.

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    Engage in interactive polls, Q&A, industry-leading webinars and contribute to Australia’s only dedicated digital event for the Justice and Correctional industry, in this time of crisis.