A platform to share essential advances in corrosion protection for a stronger industry. 

Corrosion Protection for Offshore Wind is the premier technical event for leaders in the wind industry. It is a meeting place for experts to engage with the concepts for long lasting protection systems and strategies. Case studies, new research and technical advances will be interrogated in order to increase cost-efficiency and advance offshore wind as a world leader in commercially competitive renewable energy.

Join this focussed knowledge exchange and discuss:

  • Present exclusive real world case studies on significant projects
  • Minimise risks by using the most accurate modelling techniques
  • Navigate an increasingly tough regulatory landscape and meet requirements
  • Study the progress of new Thermally Sprayed Aluminium technology
  • Understand different coating types and application techniques
  • Minimise structural fatigue by increasing your understanding to develop a robust structural management plan
  • Discuss the advantages and challenges of sacraficial anodes & ICCP
  • Go beyond visual inspections using the best monitoring systems

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