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Why Your Customers Don’t Like You: Regaining Trust and Driving a Culture of Customer Advocacy

We further explore how banks can champion customer advocacy by driving an internal culture that implements the ‘customer-first’ ideology, and through leveraging customer insights to action meaningful change of service, ahead of ...

Taking a Strategic Approach to Customer Complaint Resolution: Aligning Customer Feedback with Internal Processes to Improve Service Capabilities & Complaints Resolution Outcomes

The Office of the Inspector-General and Taxation Ombudsman (IGTO) recognises the need to revise customer engagement models in the world of heightened expectations, reviewing its strategies and actively working to improve its complaints resolution capabilities. We caught up with Helen Fong, Acti ...

The Customer Advocate Initiative: Post-Implementation Review

In April 2016, banks that are members of the Australian Banking Association committed to implement a number of initiatives to restore trust. One of these was that banks would appoint a Customer AdvocateThe appointment of Customer Advocates into many Australian banks is an important and uni ...

Customer Advocacy & Complaints Resolution 2019: Past Presentation Packet

Ahead of Customer Advocacy & Complaints Resolution 2019, we offer you a look at some exclusive presentations from the 2018 event. Enjoy insights from:Suzanne Crowle, Executive Director, Regulatory Services at NSW Fair TradingEleanor Madden, Complaints Rep ...

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2018 Past Attendee Snapshot - Customer Advocacy & Complaints Resolution Summit

Over 44 delegates from 19 represented organisations attended the Customer Advocacy & Complaints Resolution Summit in 2018. Find our who you could be joining in 2019.

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Encouraging Greater Ownership, Transparency and Complaints Resolution by Publishing Complaints Data

Ahead of the Customer Advocacy and Complaints Resolution Summit 2018 we chat to Suzanne Crowle, Acting Executive Director of Regulatory Services at NSW Fair Trading. In this article Suzanne chats to us about the complaints register, which launched in July 2016, and delves into how the register is changing business...

Voice of the Customer: Capturing Feedback for a 360° Customer View

Capturing the voice of your customer (VoC) is vital if you intend to stay competitive and create a high level of personalisation across all touch points.Ultimately, understanding VoC will create customer satisfaction that will in turn lead to true brand advocates remaining loyal to your organisation.

Harnessing Root Cause Analysis in Complaint Resolution and Service Design

Ahead of the Customer Advocacy and Complaints Resolution Summit 2018 we chat to Bernie Wise, Senior Complaints Manager (Internal Dispute Resolution) at TAL Insurance. In this article Bernie chats to us about TAL’s complaints resolution process, and explores how the insurance business is effectively leveraging root cause analysis to improve...

Exploring Innovative Strategies to Aid Complaint Resolution and Superior Customer Experiences

Ahead of the Customer Advocacy and Complaints Resolution Summit 2018 we look at the strategies, innovation and initiatives five Australian organisations are using in an effort to improve customer advocacy, aid complaint resolution, optimise the customer experience and minimise the negative impact of poor service.