Data Governance and Management

Australia’s first and only conference dedicated for data governance and management professionals

Garbage in, garbage out. In an era where data-driven organisations win, sophisticated technologies and innovative solutions, such as AI and machine learning, rely on the ever important practice of Data Governance and Management.

Successful data governance, however, needs enterprise-wide and systematic adoption to support shared insights, accurate decision making and personalization initiatives on data assets.

With that in mind, the inaugural Data Governance and Management Summit brings together data management, quality and strategy leaders. Join us and discover how to improve the accountability, accuracy and risk management of data assets to ensure adherence to heightened regulations and ultimately, to enable data-driven transformation and innovation.

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Key themes to be addressed:


Improving data quality across the board to improve accuracy of business decision making and customer outcomes


Establishing stronger and effective data governance policies, standards and procedures through developing a robust data governance roadmap


Driving enterprise-wide cultural transformation that encourages data to be treated as an asset


Developing a business case to secure executive buy-in and continuous improvements in data governance capabilities


-Building the right tools, technology and frameworks to create a seamless Big Data Practice and MDMp>


Developing the right data governance tools and capabilities to drive continuous improvement and agile innovation

Why should you attend?

Experience 3 Days of Expertly Curated Content

Gain valuable lessons and insights from leading Data Governance and Management professionals across diverse industriesng

Meet With and Compare Dozens of Leading-Edge Solution Providers

Spark innovative solutions to the recurring Data Governance and Management challenges by sharing experiences across diverse industries

Forge New Connections and Benchmark Against Peers

Learn about the benefits of partnerships and collaboration in accelerating innovation

New This Year! IT Modernization Track

Be a part of the industry conversation and participate in our Interactive Roundtable Discussions

New This Year! ITFM Boot Camp

Discover best practices approaches to common pain points to maturing Data Governance practices and initiatives

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