Pre Conference Interactive Workshop Day: Tuesday, 25th February 2020

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Exploring How to Develop a Centralized Data Governance Framework to Uplift Business Efficiency and Utilise Data More Effectively

Mike Jennings - Senior Director of Data Architecture – Global Enterprise Architecture, Walgreens Boots Alliance – USA
Large-scale organizations grapple with data inflows from multiple sources that have divergent processes, standards and purposes, which consequently entail different modes of data governance capabilities. Michael Jennings will facilitate a workshop on how to develop a framework that enhances their business efficiencies. 

  • Develop an understanding of how a centralised data governance framework can uplift data quality and integrity, and improve cost and workforce efficiency
  • How to Develop a robust Enterprise Data Model that maintains data integrity and consistency across the various sources of data assets
  • Promoting data lineage, and consequently ensuring data quality and integrity, through appointing responsibilities to the right people
  • Leveraging Master Data Management as an enterprise-wide architecture that enables accessibility to data assets from multiple reference points 


Mike Jennings

Senior Director of Data Architecture – Global Enterprise Architecture
Walgreens Boots Alliance – USA

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Transforming Internal Attitudes towards Data Governance to Enhance Data Ethics and Accountability Practices

With over 80% of large-scale multinationals using some form of cloud-storage and outsourcing their data management to third party cloud services, never has it been a more crucial time to discuss transforming internal workplace culture towards best practices in data ethics, particularly in regards to data ownership. This workshop will breakdown how organisation can ensure their workplace are delivering best practice in data ethics, within their data governance frameworks.

  • Evaluating the necessary steps to ensure your organisation is ethically managing data and ensuring data is being utilised efficiently.
  • Establishing a Data governance framework that prioritises ethical data management practices that adhere to regulation, whilst also driving enterprise performance.
  • Maximising data management opportunity by training and upskilling the organisation, and engaging with data stewardship.
  • Ensuring that third party data management providers are housing and managing your data ethically and ownership of data is transparent.

3:00 pm - 3:00 pm Maximising Data Stewardship in your Organisation to Ensure Quality Data Governance and Management Practices

Bobby Kaushik - Senior Manager of Data Governance, AustralianSuper
Data Governance is a crucial piece of properly using, and improving the quality of data. Data Stewards are the decision makers about what data means, how it is derived and what rules to apply to determine data quality. This workshop will highlight the importance of having a data stewardship function, and how having this will enhance data quality and governance practices in your organisation.

  • Understanding the relationship between data governance and data stewardship, and how to develop this relationship to ensure efficient data management practices.
  • Exploring the role of a data steward, the decisions they have to make and how decisions are made, in regards to data governance practices.
  • Incorporating the role of the steward into the responsibilities of Information Security and, general data practices across the organisation

Bobby Kaushik

Senior Manager of Data Governance