Kevin Koh

Head, SMU-X Office of the Provost Singapore Management University

Kevin is the Head of SMU-X at the Office of the Provost of Singapore Management University. Prior to leading the SMU-X team, he has worked in various offices such as Office of Strategic Planning, Office of Business Improvement and International Office of the University.


As the Head of SMU-X, Kevin is responsible for the development and implementation of the experiential project-based learning called SMU-X for the University. He works with faculty, students and partner organisations to provide a learning environment where students learn to learn from project work.


Kevin is excited about the enhancement to teaching and learning through innovative curriculum and pedagogy design, collaborative partnerships and space planning.


Pre-Conference Workshops: Monday, 2 March 2020

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

2:00 PM Delivering Collaborative and Experiential Learning Environments in Response to the New Digital Age and the Future of Work

The Dartmouth Centre for the Advancement of Learning recently conducted a review of research on the known outcomes of experiential learning. It found that the in demand skills of complex reasoning, critical thinking creativity and socioemotional intelligence are best acquired in experiential learning environments.

With this in mind, this workshop will explore the collaborative and experiential learning and teaching strategies that the Singapore Management University have put in place to prepare their students for the future of work.

  • Enhancing student engagement and learning experience through experiential learning
  • Understanding the change management processes that need to be in place to prepare teachers for a new collaborative learning environment
  • Developing industry partnerships to create learning spaces that produce job ready graduates
  • Exploring flexible space design to enable collaborative team-based learning

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

11:50 AM CASE STUDY: Singapore Management University: Enabling Project-Based Experiential Learning through a Student-Centered Environment

This session will explore the design of the new education precinct which has been purpose built to enhance the student learning experience.

  • A commitment to applying technology and immersive digital environments in teaching, research and engagement
  • Trailing the teaching spaces  to prepare and equip teachers to thrive in  digitally enhanced learning environment
  • Flexible teaching spaces that can be configured for face-to-face and on-line learning
  • Utilising AV equipment and other technologies to encourage creative and collaborative learning
  • Future learning environments that may include augmented reality to enhance the 3D learning experience

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