Professor Bob Fox

Curriculum Academic Lead, Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) UNSW

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

1:20 PM CASE STUDY: University of NSW: Designing an Engaging, Experiential and Collaborative Learning Space for Your Connected Students

This session will explore the innovative and immersive learning spaces that are engaging students with technical environments and accelerating industry specific learning and growth.

  • The development of a 360-degree interactive visualisation facility used to observe, explore and learn
  • Utilising high-performance computer graphics to enhance new generation learning
  • Retrofitted spaces with specialised learning tools  that engage students with technical environments
  • How are we measuring student outcomes across all projects?

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

2:50 PM CASE STUDY: UNSW: Designing Engaging Collaborative and Experiential Learning Spaces for the Digital Age

Rapid development of ubiquitous digital technologies and evolving technological practices are creating new opportunities for innovation and change.

Learning environments today need to provide opportunities for supporting active, interactive and reflective student learning, where fast changes in facility use are required.

This presentation will review the changing contexts for new learning spaces and the shared educational frameworks that identify the needs.

  • The context: changing needs for learning spaces (examples from 4 universities)
  • The digital uplift & the online learning imperative 
  • Shared frameworks for learning design & delivery
  • Building staff capability for collaborative and experiential learning in a digital age
  • Holistic approach to educational workplace development, engagement and change

3:20 PM PANEL: What Will Universities of the Future Look Like in the Face of Radical Disruption, Driven by a New Work Order, Globalisation and Rapid Advances in Technology

  • Personalised on-demand education opportunities
  • Understanding the infrastructure and technology required to support study across multiple modes
  • Working with emerging industries to co-create qualifications in line with workforce requirements
  • Studying in digitally connected education precincts in partnership with industry in living laboratories connected to the community
Panel Members:

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