Leveraging DevSecOps to Improve Agility, Break Siloes, and Improve Efficiency 

13 August, 2020| 10:00 am – 11:40 am (AEST) | Free-to-Attend 

A shift towards the digital ecosystem has created a requirement for agility in the software development and delivery processes to serve the ever-changing needs of today’s demanding and increasingly brand-neutral customers.

While smaller and start up organisations are more agile by nature and face fewer barriers in implementing DevOps, if deployed effectively within a large enterprise DevOps will break down silos, deliver applications faster, reduce errors and contribute to optimising business performance. 

With that in mind, the DevOps 2020 online event has been developed to address these challenges by adopting DevOps practices and principles that seek to revolutionise traditional software development and delivery as we know it. 

Topics Include:

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How To Secure Exec Buy-In And Change Roles And Reporting Lines For Standardised, Scaled DevOps Adoption

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Applying Machine Learning To Bring Efficiency And Speed To Your Monitoring And Alerting Regime For Your DevOps Activities

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How To Bring Sec Into DevOps – Selling The Vision To Security Teams And Re-thinking Developer Skills and KPIs Around Security Practices