23 - 25 October, 2018
Privathotel Lindtner, Hamburg, Germany

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Digital Aerodrome Towers event agenda

Digital Aerodrome TowersTransformation of Air Traffic Services23 – 25 October 2018, Hamburg, GermanyGet the latest updates on multiple aerodrome tower control solutionsUncover advantages of digital traffic control that extend beyond safety ...


Safety is most important component of remote towers

With radar watching from afar and the Internet communicating everything in the system, remote traffic towers will have the capability to watch hundreds of aircrafts at several airfields at once. The interpretation of data will be automated, with personnel checking the positions and ready to intervene if something goes wrong....

Remote towers: training, contingencies top the list

Sooner or later, we will be traveling between airports that have no personnel in the field tower directing traffic. In several airports that have been tested for over two years, the system has been reliable and accurate. Find out in the article "Remote towers: training, contingencies top the list", where...


Top 7 stories on remote tower technology

In an effort to reduce costs without compromising on safety, many airports are starting to implement the Remote Virtual Tower, especially in remote airports as an alternative to the traditional Air Traffic Control Tower, which consumes more money and manpower. Read the news article below and get an update on...

Interview with Jörn Jakobi, Business Manager at DLR, Germany

Find out in this interview with Jörn Jakobi, Business Manager at DLR, why there is a need for Minimum Aviation System Performance Specifications (MASPS) for Remote Tower Optical Systems, how quickly the industry will need to adopt these specifications, and what the aspects of remote towers are that still being...

Interview with Senior HF Specialist & Digital/Remote Tower Human Performance Lead at NATS

Transport IQ talked with Jocelyn Clark, Senior HF Specialist & Digital/Remote Tower Human Performance Lead at NATS: read all questions and answers, and download the complete interview here for free.