June 2020
Berlin, Germany

Innovative Mobile Technology

Case Study: DHL Experiments Augmented Reality

Markus Kückelhaus, Director Trend Research & Innovation at DHL discusses how his role is to leverage ideas and technology across the global business. Markus highlights methodology behind trend spotting and how to keep ahead of the disruptor curve as well as collaboration techniques with a focus on augmented reality and how that is impacting their business in the next 5 years. Listen in to discover how to develop a technology trend radar? Going deep dive in augmented reality some of the key areas covered include  devices, the augmented warehouse, future of transportation and a focus on the use case study DHL/ricoh pilot.

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management

Mobile apps have taken centre stage for mobility in the extended enterprise because of the business value they drive and their ability to make employees, including BYOD, contractors, dealer networks and partners, more effective.

As a result, mobile app owners are being tasked with the unique challenges of mobile app security, deployment and management. Download the Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management to learn about the requirements to take the app-centric mobile world head on.

Interview - Kalman Tiboldi, Chief Business Innovation Officer, TVH (IoT)

In this interview Kalman Tiboldi the Chief Business Innovation Officer of TVH talks about a new approach to innovation and business. Kalman believe the digital has entered the enterprise but how will the CIO’s manage the new technology being pushed through mobile and what opportunities will they bring?  Kalman will highlight the opportunities brought through IoT and what new business models have they discovered. Kalman will share his views with regards to how can organizations overcome some of the obstacles to the dream IoT ecosystem