Virtual Think Tanks

Lessons Learned From The Corona Crisis: Fast-Tracking A Mobile Workforce

In the midst of a global pandemic, is your organisation prepared to become a mobile workforce and are you able to continue face-to-face collaboration, no matter the location or technology? In this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, engage with peers on how even when the world might be in crisis, work does not have to be.

  • Adopting an effective cloud strategy for enabling remote working amongst the workforce
  • Bridging existing gaps for effective workplace collaboration by adopting the right tools and processes
  • Building a strong feeling of unity in the face of disruption by motivating employees to embrace new ways of working

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Turning the Meeting Rooms Of Tomorrow Into the Meeting Rooms Of Today: Experience Sharing From The First Few Months Of Remote Working

With the sudden move to work from home, workplace leaders have found themselves ensuring communication and collaboration is maintained across all teams and functions. In this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, join together with leaders from across a range of different sectors to discuss how quality of meetings has been upheld throughout times of disruption.

  • Sharing of best practices for virtual meetings, and exploring what can make or break an internal digital meeting
  • Comparing internal and external business meeting requirement and how to optimise and professionalise each
  • Exploring the different technological possibilities for carrying your workforce into the future

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Facilitator: Nick McQuire, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Research, CCS Insight

Trust In the New World Work Order: How to Build Engagement with Better Customer Experience and Journeys

With Covid-19 moving employees across the globe into home-offices, companies have had to quickly change their operations to provide a secure, yet user-friendly way of working. With a great need for secure platforms and interactions, the users will not only be looking to conduct their business from a range of different devices, but also to adapt to new processes and customer preferences. In this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, come together with peers from a range of different industries to discuss how you can create a secure remote environment, that remains customer centric.

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Changing Customer Behaviour: Assessing The Impact of Covid-19 On Customer Service Channels

With recent impact of Covid-19 on the workplace, not only are customer contact centre agents moving to more remote and alternative ways of working, but additionally so are the customers. Most companies will be faced with a decrease in available front line workers due to the global pandemic, at the same time as customer behaviour will have changed along with restrictions being brought into play. This 60 minute Virtual Think Tank will bring together senior-level customer contact leaders to discuss the direct impact of Covid-19, and more so, what solutions and strategies need to be taken to stay ahead in a changing customer landscape.

  • Evaluate the changing pain points across the customer journey and how you can better link contact centre agents with existing channels
  • Investigate the changing nature of preferred channels amongst customers and how you can have the structure to support any necessary amendments
  • Optimise efficiency by improving the flexibility of working through new user-friendly methods

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