Key Themes

The Digital Workplace Exchange explores the strategy surrounding people, processes and technology that converge to digitally empower employees and unlock new ways of working in a collaborative, mobile environment.

What is the digital workplace?

The digital workplace encompasses all of the tools a modern organisation requires to streamline workflows by connecting people, processes and information, unlocking new opportunities for productivity, efficiency, agility, collaboration, communication and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud: The infrastructure that underpins the digital workplace, promoting agility, flexibility and collaboration

Mobility: Enterprise devices and apps that empower employees with business-critical information from any location, on any device, at any time

IoT: Enabling organisations to connect thousands of disparate devices and produce real-time, actionable insights

Digital Collaboration Tools: Bringing together disparate information in a unified, intuitive way to promote employee mobility, enhanced productivity and widespread digital enablement

Advanced Networks and Connectivity: The digital workplace requires a robust network foundation that can connect a disparate, proliferating device ecosystem

In order to inject fundamental new ways of working that are future-proofed and technology-agnostic, senior IT leaders must look beyond the toolset, to the more intangible issues of mindset and skillset. The Exchange will explore the strategic implications of creating a truly digital workplace, with conversations around:

Ensuring that employees are equipped with the right skillset to tackle company transformations and changing ways of working

Culturally transforming the mind-set of employees and overcoming resistance to change

Connecting the digital workplace with the physical one

Becoming an effective, data-driven organisation that adheres to compliance and security

Continuously improving and personalising the user experience by effectively implementing new technologies

This invitation-only meeting brings together 50 senior decision-makers responsible for leveraging technologies such as cloud, mobile and IoT to nurture a digitally-enabled enterprise. Across two days packed with idea-sharing and informal networking, attendees are armed with the stimulus they need to drive forward innovation within their respective organisations.