Digital Workplace Strategy 2019

Creating A Unified Workplace Experience Through Technology That Boosts Productivity And Improves Staff Satisfaction In Agile Environments

Large businesses now have to cater for a diverse set of internal end users, each requiring different workplace capabilities and services. Not only is it hard to effectively set up the technological environment that can support this array of requirements, it is also a challenge to understand and translate user needs in the first place.

Today, an evolving digital workplace is key to mobilising an agile environment, and uplifting internal satisfaction and staff productivity are becoming an integral part of redefining externally facing customer success.

The Digital Workplace Strategy Summit will therefore bring together the Internal Communications and Workplace Technology leaders critical to forging customer-centric strategies that truly align to the needs and outcomes of the business.

Re-thinking an enterprise-wide view

of the workplace technology strategy required for today’s employee

Enabling the collaboration of a cross-functional digital workplace team

with stakeholders and UX at the centre

Transforming technology capability, tools and architectures

to improve workplace outcomes, security and resilience

Main Themes Include:

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Peer-led, practitioner-focused, to ensure your learning experience can be defined by tangible case studies

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Meet the experts on the frontline of specialised digital workplace transformation initiatives

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Break out from siloed business approaches to understand how roles are changing and coming together to take a coordinated ownership of the Digital Workplace Roadmaps