Developing Personalised and Integrated Digital Government Services that are Convenient, Effective and Secure

With government bodies across local, state and federal looking to implement holistic citizen service strategies, this is an important time for Australia’s government departments to understand the most effective means of improving their digital services. 

The Australian Government are in the midst of piloting the GovPass platform, which will link several departments into one main portal. Because of this, understanding the best techniques to improving digital service delivery tools is important. This requires both technology as well as leadership beyond IT. 

With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce the Digital Citizen Services Summit 2019. Co-located with our 3rd Annual Government Service Design Summit, this event will allow you to network with likeminded individuals within both Australia and neighbouring countries to improve the integration of your digital government platform.


  • Identifying ways to work with different government departments to implement a holistic digital service strategy
  • Upgrading existing technologies to have a cohesive and sustainable platform
  • Ensuring public trust is maintained through effective cyber security protocols
  • Determining what constitutes a digital identity for all citizens


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