31 July - 01 August, 2019 | Sir Stamford Circular Quay, Sydney, NSW



9:00 am - 11:30 am Creating a Culture of Continuos Improvement to Assist in Your Digital Transformation Journey

With 98% of Estonians having digital E-Cards and 67% of these citizens using these services regularly, maintaining a strategy of continuous improvement in their technology operations has become key for the Republic of Estonia. This in-depth workshop will delve into the work taking place in Estonia, including their citizen E-Cards, legal travel IDs and digital signatures that are helping ensure the country remain leaders in the space of digital citizen services.

Understand and gain insight on how they were able to build their machinery and services, and why, with new and expanding technologies, they are able to maintain secure databases in the documentation of digital interactions.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, delve into the following:
  • Maintaining a quick and efficient dispute resolution framework in the face of security breaches
  • Shifting away from a project management mentality to a continuous improvement framework
  • Creating more agile processes and working together across several government departments

Piret Urb, Head of International Relations, Information System Authority at Republic of Estonia

Piret Urb

Head of International Relations, Information System Authority
Republic of Estonia


12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Determining the Best Outcome for Your Internal Government Systems: Upgrade or Replace?

An important area of conversation within government has been the question of upgrading legacy systems of replacing them for future functionality. According to the Centre for Digital Government within the USA, one third of major IT systems in government have become outdated and are in need of replacement. However, doing so means government departments will need to understand the different components their original systems speak to, which can be a challenging task.

Dominic Campbell, Chief Digital Officer of Homes England, will deliver an interactive workshop, discussing the different systems your government departments use, and how you can future proof these systems for an integrated digital service platform.

In this workshop, you will get the opportunity to discuss the following:
  • Utilising the right technologies to allow effective and secure digital platforms
  • Understanding how an individual information system is linked to another when upgrading or replacing
  • Working with different departments and stakeholders to make new initiatives as simple as possible

Dominic Campbell, Chief Digital Officer at Homes England

Dominic Campbell

Chief Digital Officer
Homes England