Improving Digital Healthcare in the Covid-19 Era through healthcare informatics, data analytics and Telehealth solutions

The unprecedented emergence and impact of COVID-19 is putting immense strain on Australia’s hospitals and healthcare system. In times such as these, ensuring hospitals can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible is critical – and digital has a big role to play in this.

Digital Healthcare in the Age of Coronavirus is a half day online event that will bring together key leaders in digital healthcare to explore the strategies and tools they are using to innovate and roll out new technologies to improve health outcomes and drive operational efficiency against a COVID-19 backdrop.

Sign up today and take a deep dive into the strategies healthcare organisations have initiated in order to respond to times of crisis, and the learnings they have found along the way.

Learn how to:

1. Integrate data sources to ease administrate processes and deliver data driven patient care

2. Identify, adopt and roll out successful telehealth models in a sustainable fashion

3. Fast track new ways of working and increase workforce collaboration to successfully lead teams that are working remotely

4. Implement and utilise new technologies to effectively combat COVID-19
5. Understand how the epidemic might speed up innovation in healthcare post-COVID-19


How it works


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Step 3: Choose your sessions
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Step 2: Confirmation Email
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Step 4: Watch the event!
Tune in on 10th June to watch the event live. Be sure to come with questions for our live Q&A!