5 Essential Elements For An Effective Mobile Security Strategy

With every mobile device that is placed into the hands of your employees, you are providing a point of access to your corporate network. For your IT teams, that means multiple dimensions of risk to manage—at the device level, the data level, the user level, and the network level. 

Establishing a sound strategy for mobile security is essential to protecting your enterprise against this risk. This paper offers pointers for establishing an effective mobile security strategy for your enterprise. 

Enterprise Mobility Management: Real Benefits In Today's Mobile World

Using multiple solutions to manage devices leads to inconsistent processes across devices and apps, and can result in security and compliance issues. With a large number of devices and device types, the burden for IT to manage disparate systems can quickly become overwhelming. 

With your network infrastructure as a strong pair of legs, the right combination of a seamless user experience and a secure workspace will give users — and your organization — the ability to move forward with mobility.  

EMM: Defeating the Mobile Security Challenge

The threats created by digital devices are a real phenomenon and have risen substantially in recent years. As more and more companies implement BYOD (bring your own device), corporate networks become increasingly susceptible to security breaches. The implications of a data breach can be catastrophic. 

We tapped into our extensive network of senior mobility leaders to examine the main threats within enterprise mobile security and assess the importance of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), in order to help your organization overcome these challenges.

5 Critical Considerations for Enterprise Cloud Backup

For enterprises looking to protect corporate data, there are significant benefits to moving to a cloud-based backup provider. Yet, all providers are not the same. Being aware of the differences can save you a great deal of time and money. This latest guide explores the five key questions to ask prospective solution providers when evaluating a cloud-based backup solution.

Deliver Customer Value Through Cloud Field Service

Learn how the cloud enables the quick deployment of the latest field service solutions, while reducing IT costs, and minimizing complexity. This reports covers the following topics:

- The benefits of cloud infrastructure, which revolve around quick deployment, IT cost reduction, and real-time problem solving capabilities
- The risks of on-premises infrastructure, which are time consuming, costly, and fail to cater directly to the customer’s ever changing needs
- The evolution of the service landscape driven by customer demand for better service’s efficiency and scalability

Data Security In The Mobile Ecosystem

In the current business climate, security is and will continue to be, one of the most prominent concerns for organizations and their leaders. Whether or not corporate data is fully secure is an issue that will always have question marks surrounding it, and will always require extensive measures to ensure that such threats do not materialize.

With mobility adding a wealth of additional complexities and challenges to the objectives of IT security professionals, even more precautions and measures must be taken, and frequently reinforced, to protect corporate assets and sensitive information across mobile channels. In this report, the importance of instilling the appropriate levels of mobile security is highlighted, to ensure that enterprises avoid the inherent risks that mobile devices and applications can present to existing infrastructures.

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