Energy Storage for Aerospace

A Realistic Roadmap (in Terms of Technology, Markets, Infrastructure and Finance) for the Next 5 Years!

Electrification From Fixed-wing Perspective - Electric Vertical Take-off & Landing (eVTOL) - Air Taxis, Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Drones and Rotorcraft.

Energy Storage for Aerospace merges expert talks on future technologies with real life case studies.

OEM’S will share how to achieve power density for energy storage solutions and present solutions for the fixed-wing industry, E-VTOL/Urban Air Mobility industry and thermal management technology providers.

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Visit us and discuss the following topics among others:

Optimal design of electric systems for MEA

Power Electronics: High temperature PE

Commuter Aircraft and Helicopter

Move to More Electric Aircraft – results and upcoming projects

Hybrid-electric distributed propulsion system

Energy storage as the key to MEA design success

Energy storage as the key to MEA design success

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