Energy Storage for Aerospace Conference Agenda

Energy Storage for Aerospace Conference Agenda

Join the Energy Storage for Aerospace Conference from 28-30 October 2019 in Hamburg (Germany)

Confirmed speakers at the event include:

  • Dr. Daniel Izquierdo, High/Low Voltage Power Electrics Expert, Airbus Defence and Space, Spain
  • Dr. Kamiar J Karimi, Senior Technical Fellow, Energy Management and Power Systems, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, USA
  • Luiz Valentini, Engineering Manager, Embraer, Brazil
  • Dr. Linda Brussaard, Electrical Systems Expert, European Aviation Safety Agency
  • Norman Pereira, Aerospace Engineer (Electrical/Electronic Systems), FAA, USA
  • Pascal Thalin, SAE Aerospace Standards Europe, SAE
  • Fabrizio Cuomo, Chief Technical Office, General Systems/Electrical System, Leonardo Aircraft, Italy
  • Dr. Evgeni Ganev, Chief Engineer Electromechanical Power Systems, Honeywell International, USA

Learn from presentations and workshops on:

  • How to improve safety for lithium-ion batteries?
  • How to develop a technology roadmap for urban air mobility (UAM)?
  • Will aerial taxis become the future of transportation, and how to develop them?
  • What is a manufacturer’s perspective of available eAircraft technology for a consumer focused hybrid aircraft system?
  • How to develop modular battery packs on the basis of different cell technologies and geometries?
  • Will urban electric aircraft transportation cover eVTOL aircraft solutions for major cities?

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