28 - 31 October, 2019
Courtyard Hamburg City, Hamburg, Germany
Eric Darcy, Battery Technical Discipline at NASA

Eric Darcy

Battery Technical Discipline

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Conference Day 2

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

10:00 AM Achieving safe, high performing and high power li-ion battery designs

• Safe means passively propagation resistant to any single cell thermal runaway event with no
flames exiting the battery enclosure
• High performing means > 160 Wh/kg at the battery brick level
• High power means capable of 3C (20 min) continuous discharge rate
• All while using commercial 18650 cell designs capable of 225 Wh/kg at 3C
• Designs maintains low thermal gradients from cell-to-cell and achieves efficient thermal
dissipation through the use of oscillating heat pipe heat sink technology