Enabling Disruptive Innovation By Re-Thinking Architecture Practices, Improving Business & Customer Empathy, And Strengthening Leadership Buy-In

February 10, 2021 | ONLINE | 8:50am - 11:00AM AEDT 

Welcome to the 2nd Enterprise Architecture Virtual Summit

A dedicated virtual event for our Enterprise Architects to discuss the challenges of role relevancy & combating COVID-19 through the convergence of emerging technology and business transformation.

Transform Your Architects First’; in order to support digital transformation effectively, Enterprise Architects have a new imperative to disrupt their own practice, not just the business.

Traditional approaches no longer stand up in agile environments, and the business is finding it harder to relate to static frameworks and models. Enterprise Architects now have to find ways to reassert their value, role, and relatability to stakeholders and executives within rapidly changing business contexts.

IQPC Connect Australia is pleased to host the 2nd Virtual Enterprise Architecture Summit on February 10th, in the lead up to our flagship, in-person, Enterprise Architecture Summit in April. This exciting virtual event will give you a taste of how your community leaders are reconfiguring their teams to establish key strategies across business units, and how they are adopting emerging technology to accelerate business transformation initiatives in their organisations.

Meet Your 2021 Speakers

What's new in 2021?

Be Present As Your Industry Peers Discuss How They Are Accelerating Business Transformation and Customer Value With Their EA Function

Maximise Your Role:
Learn How You Can Incorporate New Age Architectural Practices To Maximise Your Role Within An Evolving Business.

Relatable Case studies with applicable learning lessons: 
Understand How Businesses, from industries such as Government & Manufacturing, have leveraged technology transformation to advance their business outcomes.

Outcome-Centered Discussion:
Discuss with Australia’s brightest leaders how the role of the EA is necessary for organisations in order to adopt fast paced technology innovation and remain competitive.

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