3rd Enterprise Architecture Summit Australia
18 - 20 March 2020 | Parkview, Melbourne

Conference Day Two: Friday, 20 March 2020

8:30 am - 9:00 am Coffee And Registration

9:00 am - 9:10 am Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

EA & Governance

9:10 am - 9:40 am Australia Post Case Study: Redefining The Value In Governance To Enable Streamlined Project Management And Decision Making

Ebtesam Gauda - Head of Strategy and Architecture, Australia Post
Governance has turned into a tick box exercise within many EA practices, with the purpose and value to the business becoming lost in translation. Ebtesam has been working on an enterprise level across ways of working, templates and process, team uplift, strategy, priorities, and roadmaps to redefine architecture governance to reflect waterfall and agile delivery methodologies. In this session she will talk to Australia Post’s governance journey:
  • Understanding target operating models to feed into an architectural evaluation of governance and policy
  • What governance models need to consider in an agile operating environment but maintain a standardised set of guidelines
  • Communicating effective guardrails to promote autonomy with an architectural runway that doesn’t bottleneck decision making
  • Boosting transparency with a shared governance that can be accessed and interpreted at all times

Ebtesam Gauda

Head of Strategy and Architecture
Australia Post

The formal position of EA within the business is not well understood across all organisations, and variance in the control and guidance disparate teams direct clearly shows there is now a divergence in how EAs are viewing their role alongside agile business practices. This debate will move towards a consensus on the future of EA governance:
  • Developing strategic alignment: what role do EAs need to play in informing, shaping, and executing strategy?
  • Govern or guide; influence or control? What is the most effective path for EA enabling business action in line with its goals?
  • Competing disciplines and agreement over the role and purpose of EA within the business
  • Assigning ownership & accountability

Keith Leonard

Senior Manager- Strategy and Architecture
Worksafe Victoria


Brent Kimpton

IT Head of Strategy & Architecture


Mark Williams

IT Strategy and Architecture- Lead
Victoria University


Jason Mckay

Director Enterprise Architecture
University of Melbourne


Scott Favelle

Manager Enterprise Architecture

10:20 am - 10:50 am Morning Tea

10:50 am - 11:20 am How Ausgrid Is Engaging The Business In Renewed Architectural Governance To Refresh Processes And Establish Stronger Guardrails

Alex Polonetskiy - Chief Architect, Ausgrid
The role of EA in governance remains extremely important for Ausgrid, in order to cater to the number of external pressures with the energy industry and transition away from large legacy technology. With regular refreshes, Chief Architect Alex has led a retrospective wave of governance processes to be up to date with the requirements of a faster moving business, allowing guardrails to allow governance by exception and minimise heavy handed impacts of governance:
  • Only communicating artefacts that are appropriate to business centric forums, ensuring relatability and engagement levels
  • Re-use, consolidate, and simplify current technology landscapes to execute strategy and extract maximum value from investments
  • Measuring engagement levels and define an understanding of how effective wider involvement is through position papers

Alex Polonetskiy

Chief Architect

High-Performing Teams

11:20 am - 11:50 am Breaking Down Architecture Hierarchies Through Structure To Optimise Relationships Across Enterprise, Domain, Solutions, and Engineering Teams

Gavin Phuah - General Manager Enterprise Technology & Data Architecture, NAB
With the boundaries between separate architecture teams shifting across industry, responsibilities are becoming blurrier and it is not yet well defined as to how these teams should be interoperating in an agile environment. When collaboration is key, how can Enterprise level architects best set their counterparts up for success? NAB has piloted a new way of working with restructured enterprise architecture and project teams. Leading the Enterprise Technology and Data arm, Gavin will talk to how these new structures are enabling effective enterprise services:
  • How to effectively set up domain expertise across the entire business and connect project teams
  • Providing context and direction for development teams with more informed stakeholder conversations
  • Positioning EA appropriately within the business
  • Measuring team performance and success through practical mechanisms

Gavin Phuah

General Manager Enterprise Technology & Data Architecture

11:50 am - 12:20 pm The Keys To Executive & Stakeholder Buy-In Of EA Services And Functions To Embed As A Strategic Advisor And Drive Major Transformation Programs

Keith Leonard - Senior Manager- Strategy and Architecture, Worksafe Victoria
In order to remain an influential and relevant business unit, it is now critical for EAs to expand skillsets beyond isolated IT backgrounds and be able to branch out to business units, demonstrate actionable strategy, and communicate value in an empathetic and non-technical way to wider business. This session will outline how EAs can upskill teams to start proving the business case more effectively and overcome the challenge of reasserting the practice within the business: 
  • Driving cultural change in the way the business operates to prepare beyond technology transitions
  • Underpinning cross-functional teams and delegating decisions to empower interlinking stakeholders
  • Combining EA assets with visual representation and the right language to optimise communication and influence
  • Steps to demonstrating ROI of long term projects and securing budget for projects foundational in nature

Keith Leonard

Senior Manager- Strategy and Architecture
Worksafe Victoria

12:20 pm - 1:20 pm Lunch Break

Long Term Capability & Digital Strategy

1:20 pm - 2:00 pm The Agile Architect- How Vic Police’s Architecture Team Has Brought 5 New Capabilities To Life By Driving Service-Based Engagement And A Functional Model That Connects People and Technology

Amit Tiwary - Principal Enterprise Architect, Victoria Police
Having set up a successful capability based planning framework, Vic Police’s architecture team has successfully implemented 5 capabilities as per the 2014-2019 roadmap, and will now be working towards their 2025 roadmap, having devised new strategies for a more connected police workforce. In this session Amit will speak to his experience in:
  • Positioning within the business to meet pain points and gaps with appropriate strategy and initiatives
  • Cultivating the ability to pivot quickly and maintain current investment projects with fluctuating budgets and external impacts over the course of long term projects
  • Incremental improvement and enhancement of capabilities to maximise value and build out next phases of development

Amit Tiwary

Principal Enterprise Architect
Victoria Police

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm Architecture And Innovation- Streamlining A Well-Oiled EA Practice Around Continuous Product Based Releases To Drive Faster Initiatives

Ben Barbarino - Architecture Manager, Bupa
Alongside his role as Head of Architecture, Ben also runs Bupa’s Emerging Tech capability, scouting new technology that should be taken advantage of including AI, Blockchain, and robotics. Right now for architecture to coexist flexibly and support these initiatives, the focus is how to move faster without compromising: whilst being mindful of the exploration, experimentation, and different speed that innovation requires from Enterprise Architecture. In this session Ben will speak about how he is able to apply an architecture lens to these areas:
  • The role of Enterprise Architecture driving innovation in emerging technology
  • Light touch architecture that complements agile ways of working
  • Changing team mentalities to balance effectiveness of projects and how architects adapt to these teams

Ben Barbarino

Architecture Manager

2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Afternoon Tea

Modern EA Skillsets

Closing Keynote:


Darren Yeo

Director- Enterprise and Solution Architecture

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm Agile Roundtables: Evaluating Essential EA Toolsets In Order to Better Perform Roles Within The Business

Taking on the concept of lean interactive discussion groups, Agile Roundtables are interactive standups where participants gather into smaller groups, vote on the agenda based on the theme, and start the conversation. The agenda for the roundtable discussions will be democratically generated, drawing upon the day’s learnings.
  • Where is the disconnect between EA tools and wider business, and what is an EA’s responsibility to bridge that gap?
  • Embed or adapt architecture practices in relation to agile business operations?
  • What is a service? Cross-disciplinary support and models for how EA interrelates with the organisation
  • Improving business & customer empathy to feed into strategy and analysis
  • The relation of enterprise design and EA to focus on value creation
  • Integration & Information: are tools only as good as the information you feed into them?

4:20 pm - 5:00 pm Conference Closing – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

5:00 pm - 5:00 pm End of Conference