Essential Track Day 1: 15 September 2020


Darryl Carr

Editor, Founding Member, Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal, Architectural Thinking Association & ABN Group

9:10 am - 9:40 am The Pathway to a Digitally Transformed Organisation

Glenn Smyth - Founder & CEO, Fragile to Agile

Glenn returns highly requested to build upon last year’s Anatomy of a Digitally Transformed Organisation presentation; firstly, he will recap the primary points, then delve into how you actually make this happen. Done right, this will be the last transformation you’ll ever need as thereafter you will be setup for continuous evolution:

•      Key Enterprise Architecture Artefacts required to support successful design and execution of the transformation roadmap

•      How to develop that digital transformation roadmap, ensuring it delivers value early and regularly and most importantly ensuring it is Business Outcomes and Capability driven

•      Establishing light-touch governance, with a case study on a multi-award winning successful Digital Transformation and its outcomes


Glenn Smyth

Founder & CEO
Fragile to Agile

9:40 am - 10:10 am PANEL: Evaluating Critical Concepts To Retain And Translate From Traditional Frameworks Into Modern Architecture

Dr Yandong Fan - Chief Architect, Department of Transport
Paul Taylor - Business Technology Architect and Planner, Department of Health and Human Services

Only a small percentage of Enterprise Architecture frameworks are currently used on a practical day-to-day basis. With usage at an all-time low, our panel of Chief Architects will discuss whether the idea of a an EA framework needs to be dropped or evolved, and provide next-step solutions to move past this central issue:

•      Do Enterprise Architects need a Framework, or are there new undervalued approaches?

•      How can traditional frameworks stand up in current and future operating environments?

•      How do we adapt the likes of TOGAF to the requirements of Agile Business?

•      Which supplementary processes offer added flexibility and practical benefits?


Dr Yandong Fan

Chief Architect
Department of Transport


Paul Taylor

Business Technology Architect and Planner
Department of Health and Human Services

10:10 am - 10:10 am Break / End of Essential Track

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