Interactive Workshop Day

Workshop A: 19 April 2021

9:00 am - 11:00 am WORKSHOP A: How To Effectively Translate Business Requirements Into Emerging Technology Architecture Plans That Underpin Business Innovation And Transformation
Vishal Choksy - Chief Information Officer & Enterprise Architect, Natures Organic

In order to bridge the gap between objectives and real business value, EAs need to construct the road to get there. At the top level however, it can feel like architecture is one-step removed, and since the emergence of COVID-19, EA’s are feeling disengaged from their business now more than ever due to the nature of remote working.


Vishal Choksy from Natures Organic has been working tirelessly over the last 12 months to address current market challenges through ERP & CRM solutions to enable actionable insights and transform people and business operations. Vishal will draw from his experiences and share his insights on how emerging technology can address future business requirements and create space for innovation and transformation.


  • Elements of a successful architecture blueprint, and how this couples with a navigable roadmap
  • Measuring progression through target state definition and milestone metrics
  • Assessing value chains for transformation planning on a holistic level
  • How to engage in strategic planning and investments in support of business innovation

Vishal Choksy

Chief Information Officer & Enterprise Architect
Natures Organic

Workshop B: 19th April 2021

11:30 am - 1:30 pm Employing EA vs Decentralised Architecture & Decision Guiderails For Empowerment Further Down the Organisation’s Structure
Ebtesam Gauda - Strategic Architecture Lead- COE, ANZ

Architects need to become increasingly more acquainted with professional counterparts to apply new approaches to product management and cultivate a positive culture of communication. Now that digitisation is at the forefront of many organisational priorities, it is crucial that EA’s integrate and collaborate with other disciplines within their business, in order to develop and innovate new architectural practices that will drive real value to the business.


Ebtesam Gauda has been working across function at ANZ to establish a new collaborative environment amongst EA’s and other disciplines in order to drive value driven change within ANZ’s business transformation initiatives. It has been vital that Ebtesam does so, in order to maintain the EA’s capability to take the front seat to technical implementation and initiative.


Learn how to rethink the role to:


  • Expand traditional skillsets to present dynamic value and increased coordination with executives
  • Understand what market demand is driving alongside business pain points to ensure a shared enterprise direction
  • Reach consensus and re-define the role of Enterprise Architecture to align expectations within the organisation of the responsibilities and results of the department.

Ebtesam Gauda

Strategic Architecture Lead- COE