3rd Enterprise Architecture Summit Australia
18 - 20 March 2020 | Parkview, Melbourne

Pre-conference Workshop Day: Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Workshop A

8:00 am - 8:30 am Effectively Translating Business Requirements & Goals Into Emerging Technology Architecture Plans

Dr Yandong Fan - Chief Architect, Department of Transport
In order to bridge the gap between objectives and real business value, EAs need to construct the road to get there. At the top level however, it can feel like architecture is one-step removed, so this workshop will address real examples of how to gather and feed business intelligence into a plotted directive as a strategic business partner.

What the workshop will cover:
  1. How Department of Transport’s primary focus on simple and connected customer journeys translates to architecture objectives
  2. How Yandong works with Enterprise and Solution Architecture teams to enable the technical capabilities of the organisation that will underpin and realise this evolving customer experience.
  3. Learning lessons in positioning architecture within the business to capably set technology direction, principles, and standards alongside the added complications of merging organisations and changing internal structures:
Key Benefits and Takeaways:
  1. Elements of a successful architecture blueprint, and how this couples with a navigable roadmap
  2. Measuring progression through target state definition and milestone metrics
  3. Assessing value chains for transformation planning on a holistic level
  4. How to engage in strategic planning and investments in support of business innovation

Dr Yandong Fan

Chief Architect
Department of Transport

Workshop B

8:30 am - 9:00 am Australia Post On How To Setup Governance For A Business Going Agile, Reduce Complexity, And Enable Decision Making (Not Hamper It!)

Ebtesam Gauda - Head of Strategy and Architecture, Australia Post
Many organisations are working with broken governance without knowing what it is truly endorsing or why. Is this something EAs need to be accountable for? In this workshop, Head of Strategy and Architecture Practice at Australia Post, Ebtesam Gauda is best placed to offer expert views on this topic and guide you through her experience in fixing governance and establishing more positive strategic aims for architecture practices throughout her career. This is also an opportunity to work with an expert on advancing your practice in the Agile world in a more intimate and discursive setting.

What the workshop will cover:
  1. Governance that follows agile delivery methodology
  2. What about waterfall? If agile is not widely adopted, how can you cater to divergent pockets of business units?
  3. Confronting changing architecture practices based on Auspost case-study examples
Key Benefits and Takeaways:
  1. The value of templates for capturing architectural decisions that feed into design and development rather than configuring everything through architecture
  2. Tangible insights to break down cultural hierarchical perspectives of Enterprise Architecture
  3. Examples of discrete decision impacting to empower different directions, processes, and requirements of teams
  4. Support costing, reasoning, and endorsement of the most effective solutions with well-communicated guardrails that complement governance
  5. Provide strategic oversight to allow improved risk management over technology constraints and opportunities to evaluate tradeoffs with accurate information

Ebtesam Gauda

Head of Strategy and Architecture
Australia Post

Workshop C


Alex Polonetskiy

Chief Architect