Designing Event-Driven Systems

Designing Event-Driven Systems

With compliments from our Event Sponsor Confluent, enjoy this 160+page eBook authored by Ben Stopford on 'Designing Event-Driven Systems'

This book looks quite specifically at the application of Apache Kafka to this problem.

  • In Part I we introduce streaming and take a look at how Kafka works.
  • Part II focuses on the patterns and techniques needed to build event-driven programs: Event Sourcing, Event Collaboration, CQRS, and more.
  • Part III takes these ideas a step further, applying them in the context of multiteam systems, including microservices and SOA, with a focus on event streams as a source of truth and the aforementioned idea that both systems and companies can be reimagined as a database turned inside out.
  • In the final part, we take a slightly more practical focus, building a small streaming system using Kafka Streams (and KSQL).

Download your copy to read on. 

About Confluent:

Confluent Enterprise, Confluent’s distribution of Apache Kafka, enables companies to centralize and simplify operations, administration and monitoring of a Kafka streaming platform. Confluent Enterprise features Confluent Control Center, a management tool that gives operators the visibility and operational strength to manage a Kafka environment. 


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