On Change-Mapping with Tom Graves

On Change-Mapping with Tom Graves

Welcoming Tom Graves to join our Enterprise Architecture gathering this March 19-20th in Melbourne - Based in the UK, Tom is known as a highly innovative thought leader on the futures of business.

Ahead of the event, we've teamed up with Tom to share a snippet of his latest book, soon to be released to market. 

First of its three part series:

  • ‘Change-mapping‘ – introduction to change-mapping in real-world practice
  • ‘Tools for Change-mapping‘ – real-world scenarios for change-mapping, and tools to draw out the next level of detail
  • ‘Advanced Change-mapping‘ – change-mapping applied to large, complex difficult challenges All of these books are very visual, intended to be usable straight away by just about anyone working with any kind of change in organisations and beyond.

We’ll see more on what change-mapping is, how to use it, and how it works. To view the eBook copy, simply fill in your details below. 

To view the eBook, simply fill in your details below. 

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