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Enjoy a selection of whitepapers shared by our Event Sponsors to help you transform your business frameworks, and re-align enterprise architecture practice with changing business needs.

Anatomy of a Digitally Transformed Organisation

Anatomy of a Digitally Transformed Organisation

Ahead of the 3rd Annual Enterprise Architecture Summit, enjoy this 40+ Presentation & Case Study shared by our event partner, Fragile to Agile.

  • Context of Digital Transformation
  • Where are we now? Traditional (or Analogue) Architecture
  • Where do we need to be? Digitally Transformed Organisation, Key Features & Success Factors
  • What do we need to get there?
  • How do we get there?
  • Case study: ME Bank

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About Fragile to Agile:

We are an Australian-owned specialist Enterprise and Solution Architecture service provider with a unique approach, specifically designed to resonate with business executives, adopted by organisations in Australia, Europe and the US. Our independence from product providers and Systems Implementers ensures there is no conflict of interest in delivering the optimal architecture for your organisation. This dual independence enables us to focus entirely on delivering value to our clients.

Website: http://www.fragiletoagile.com.au/

Designing Event-Driven Systems

Designing Event-Driven Systems

With compliments from our Event Sponsor Confluent, enjoy this 160+page eBook authored by Ben Stopford on 'Designing Event-Driven Systems'

This book looks quite specifically at the application of Apache Kafka to this problem.

  • In Part I we introduce streaming and take a look at how Kafka works.
  • Part II focuses on the patterns and techniques needed to build event-driven programs: Event Sourcing, Event Collaboration, CQRS, and more.
  • Part III takes these ideas a step further, applying them in the context of multiteam systems, including microservices and SOA, with a focus on event streams as a source of truth and the aforementioned idea that both systems and companies can be reimagined as a database turned inside out.
  • In the final part, we take a slightly more practical focus, building a small streaming system using Kafka Streams (and KSQL).

Download your copy to read on. 

About Confluent:

Confluent Enterprise, Confluent’s distribution of Apache Kafka, enables companies to centralize and simplify operations, administration and monitoring of a Kafka streaming platform. Confluent Enterprise features Confluent Control Center, a management tool that gives operators the visibility and operational strength to manage a Kafka environment. 

Website: http://www.confluent.io/

On Change-Mapping with Tom Graves

On Change-Mapping with Tom Graves

Welcoming Tom Graves to join our Enterprise Architecture gathering this March 19-20th in Melbourne - Based in the UK, Tom is known as a highly innovative thought leader on the futures of business.

Ahead of the event, we've teamed up with Tom to share a snippet of his latest book, soon to be released to market. 

First of its three part series:

  • ‘Change-mapping‘ – introduction to change-mapping in real-world practice
  • ‘Tools for Change-mapping‘ – real-world scenarios for change-mapping, and tools to draw out the next level of detail
  • ‘Advanced Change-mapping‘ – change-mapping applied to large, complex difficult challenges All of these books are very visual, intended to be usable straight away by just about anyone working with any kind of change in organisations and beyond.

We’ll see more on what change-mapping is, how to use it, and how it works. To view the eBook copy, simply fill in your details below. 

Case Study: Al Salem Johnson Controls (ASJC)

Case Study: Al Salem Johnson Controls (ASJC)

Established in 1991, Al Salem Johnson Controls (ASJC) provides its customers with integrated building management systems, HVAC equipment, fire and security solutions that increase the energy efficiency and safety of buildings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen.

This visual case study shared by our Event Partner, Jitterbit, outlines ASJC's project from having no service application in place at all, to saving service technicians time and improving customer satisfaction using Jitterbit.

Download to learn more. 

About Jitterbit:

Jitterbit helps businesses make faster, more effective decisions by enabling them to unify and exploit data from all sources. Using the Jitterbit API integration platform companies can rapidly connect SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications and instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process. 

Website: http://www.fragiletoagile.com.au/

Enterprise Architecture: Creating Success in Digital Transformation

Enterprise Architecture: Creating Success in Digital Transformation

How Enterprise Architecture helps you overcome digital transformation challenges 

Digital transformation still dominates business decision making, and organizations must reinvent themselves to offer a flawless customer experience, reduce time-to-market, embrace new disruptive technology and ensure data governance.

Read this white paper featured from our Event Partner Mega and discover how enterprise architecture helps you tackle digital transformation challenges and optimize all areas of business:

  • Improve the customer experience digitizing processes and achieving operational excellence
  • Rationalize IT optimizing the application portfolio and mitigating technology risks
  • Build a solid business architecture and embrace IT strategic planning Turn data governance into a strategic approach.

About Mega:

MEGA International is a global software company that helps customers reduce time-to-market, eliminate information silos that divide business units, and improve the customer experience. Our HOPEX platform gives you clear visibility so you can understand the relationships throughout your company’s ecosystem, spot opportunities for strategic investments in digital technology, and tie strategy to a roadmap for execution.

Website: http://www.mega.com/en/challenge/digital-transformation