Dr Yandong Fan

Chief Architect Department of Transport

Conference Day Two: 21 April 2021

11:10 AM How To Coordinate Your Architecture Team With The Business To Facilitate Efficient And Incremental Benefit Delivery Via Reusable Architectures Across Business Units

The acceleration of digital transformation across enterprises is lending the perfect opportunity for Architects to re-define their practice in line with corresponding business counterparts. With increased reliance on the guidance they can provide for IT design and implementation choices, unlocking these benefits can unlock the potential for EA to bring IT and Business transformation up to speed across the wider business. In this presentation, Yandong Fan from Department of Transport VIC will focus on the convergence of EA and other disciplines to coordinate business transformation in a merged and changing organisational environment.

  • Formalising EA structures to determine organisational change and prioritisation management
  • Aligning architecture to CX deliverables to ensure objective customer-centric decision making
  • Communicating value upstream to secure buy-in and influence a coordinated technology strategy for enterprise

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