Robert Sang

Architecture Manager Vector Limited New Zealand

Conference Day One: 20 April 2021

2:00 PM All The Way From NZ: Understand How COVID-19 Forced Vector Ltd NZ’s Fibre Optic Cable Network To Pivot its 3 Year Long Transformation Strategy In Order To Combat The Changes To Their Operating Environment.

Vector Ltd NZ provides critical electricity and gas services to over one third of NZ GDP and is New Zealand’s number one providers of electricity and gas metering. At the beginning of 2020, Vector was in its final stages of a 3 year long transformation journey across the business, and more specifically advance their Fibre Optic Cable Network. COVID 19 disrupted the process entirely and forced Vector to pivot their strategy and identify Which business capabilities

were critical to running of key services using core frameworks for identifying capabilities. Robert Sang will discuss Deliver on transformation and maintain direction of transformation within a hugely disruptive event.


·        Identify which business capabilities are critical to running key services through core frameworks used for identifying capabilities such as IEC for electricity services and TM forum information standards for Fibre.

·        Understanding what your minimum operating state looks like.

·        Bolstering technology capabilities and invest to increase compute power of VPN gateways, allowing further capacity for employee to work from home and continue business as usual.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Robert.

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