Developing a robust and resilient ERM framework to add value to your organization in a time of global market and financial instability

The 2nd Annual ERM Middle East conference will gather international and regional Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Enterprise Risk Management from multiple sectors, to reveal and establish the new risks related to credit, market and operations created by disruptive technologies, global economic instability and government regulations

The conference will offer an unparalleled opportunity to discuss the regional and global regulatory frameworks, showcase exciting and successful implementation of robust ERM framework and the process of creating value in the function without compromising organization`s reputation.

Featured speakers from 2018 include:

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Why you cannot miss this event?

  • An unprecedented learning opportunity for the CRO and Risk Management community: showcase of new ERM methodologies and processes implemented in high risk circumstances
  • Highlight the top 10 market, operational and credit risks in the region and globally
  • Understand how to deliver better results and add value to your enterprise
  • Hear from the top Chief Risk and Compliance Officers across different industries in the region
  • Navigate regulations with confidence: showcasing latest compliance implementations
  • Ensure ERM agility in your business: enhance risk appetite across the board
  • Learn how to timely troubleshoot emerging risks of the global market vulnerability: how to create a strong security architecture
  • Hear about successful stories of building a resilient ERM framework

Who should attend?

  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • CEO
  • Head of Risk
  • Head of Compliance
  • Head of Risk Portfolio Management
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