04 - 05 December, 2018
Hilton Tokyo Bay, Chiba, Japan

Conference Day Two – Wednesday 5 Dec 2018

8:30 am - 8:50 am Morning Refreshment and Registration

8:50 am - 9:00 am Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

9:00 am - 9:40 am Utilising Esports as the Bridge to Connect and Growth Alibaba’s E-Commerce Business: The Alisports Experience

Jason Fung - Global Head of eSports, Alisports
  • Understanding how Alisports has integrated esports as a channel to grow Alibaba’s e-commerce business
  • Overcoming initial challenges and setting up the right business model
  • Analysing current Alisports projects and future opportunities
  • Alisports’ stance on fighting games as the next esports growth lever- Applicable to the region and the Olympics?

Jason Fung

Global Head of eSports

9:40 am - 10:20 am ESL, Esports and Japan: Bringing World Class Esports Events into Japan

Nick Vanzetti - SVP, Managing Director, ESL Asia Pacific, Japan


Nick Vanzetti

SVP, Managing Director
ESL Asia Pacific, Japan

10:20 am - 10:50 am Morning Networking & Refreshment Break

11:00 am - 11:40 am Unlocking the Commercial Potential of the Esports Market in North Asia

Andy Hata - President, North Asia, Nielsen Sports
  • Understanding the market opportunity and development of the esports market in NEA
  • Leveraging changing government regulations to unlock commercial opportunities: Focus on Japan and Taiwan
  • Analyzing the sources of current and emerging investment trends in the esports scene
  • Reviewing current business models: Practical strategies towards a sustainable and robust esports economy

Andy Hata

President, North Asia
Nielsen Sports

11:40 am - 12:20 pm Integrating Esports as a Viable Strategy for the Tourism Industry

Frank Sliwka - COO Asia, ESL Asia
  • Analyzing the growth in esport-related tourism in Asia and its implications for the future
  • How can esports drive tourism in countries and cities?
  • Can the tourism industry and governments in turn facilitate the growth of esports in Asia?

Frank Sliwka

COO Asia
ESL Asia

12:20 pm - 1:20 pm Networking Lunch

1:20 pm - 2:00 pm Esports and the Rise of Mobile Gaming in Japan: SEMC’s Success Story

Akane Yoshizaki - Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Superevil Megacorp
  • Why Super Evil Megacorp believes in mobile esports
  • Vainglory esports growth so far in Asia and globally
  • Future of Vainglory esports and mobile gaming in Asia

Akane Yoshizaki

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications
Superevil Megacorp

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm Fostering the Growth of Esports in Japan- The Nvidia Journey

Kazunori Takahashi - Regional Consumer Marketing Manager, Nvidia
 Nvidia’s efforts to promote and facilitate esports in Japan
 Promoting eSports for mutually beneficial
 Lessons learnt from Nvidia’s experience thus

Kazunori Takahashi

Regional Consumer Marketing Manager

2:40 pm - 3:20 pm Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

3:20 pm - 4:00 pm Esports, Adverstising and Broadcasting Rights- Has Esports Finally Entered into Mainstream Media?

Yoshimasa Nakano - Senior Content Manager, Dentsu Inc.
  • Understanding why traditional broadcast and media companies have entered the esports scene
  • Choosing the right esports title to back- how do you make the right choice?
  • Will there be a war for broadcasting rights in the future in esports?
  • Reviewing the future of broadcasting in esports- from both traditional and digital channels

Yoshimasa Nakano

Senior Content Manager
Dentsu Inc.

4:00 pm - 4:40 pm Business Panel Discussion: Esports and the Development of World Class Arenas and Stadiums

Jason Fung - Global Head of eSports, Alisports
Richard Choi - Esports Director, Blizzard Entertainment Korea
Frank Sliwka - COO Asia, ESL Asia
  • Are current stadiums and arenas equipped to facilitate and host world class esport tournaments?
  • Will the esports industry drive further development of bespoke stadiums and arenas in Asia?
  • What are current stadium and arena owners doing to enhance infrastructure for esports tournaments?

Jason Fung

Global Head of eSports

Richard Choi

Esports Director
Blizzard Entertainment Korea


Frank Sliwka

COO Asia
ESL Asia

4:40 pm - 4:50 pm Closing Remarks from Chairperson & Close of Conference Day Two