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During past years pricing has become an established profession, recognized by the C-level and gaining power in implementation of strategies. For many professionals it is not a question what particular pricing strategies are. It is rather a constant need of improval, that drives the inrest for a cross-industry idea exchange. Growing a solid pricing structure within the company usually requires some combination of well-trained people, software solutions to support your decisions, and clear benchmarks of what the good outcome of a pricing decision is. In order to improve existing practices people are looking for counterintuitive solutions, that usually come from other industries prospectives, while discussing well-known topics. 

Our conference is a place for pricing leaders to exchange their perspectives and and take advantage of collective consideration of the problems, that they already think about. This is what at the end of the day helps you to build the pricing policy with a strong impact.

This year we will:

  • Discuss the future of pricing with Ernst-Jan Bouter, the author of “Pricing: The Third Business Skill”.
  • Brainstorm on connecting the dots between product management, sales and pricing within the organisation.
  • Organize top-expert consultancy on participants pricing strategies.
  • Share the hands-on experience on how to increase revenue with neuropricing.
  • Talk over how to mitigate the downsides of dynamic pricing.
  • Gain insight into latest software tools to achieve balance between performance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Looking forward to talk to you in London!

Konstantin Leshchenko, Program Manager

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Look up to our Mentorhip panel - one of the kind session, where you can get advisory from world's leading experts!

The summit also looks at the following topics:

Humanitarian Assistance

Disruptive Technologies

Automation and data analytics have huge advantages for pricing but only if you can get your process in place, access reliable data and manage that change management project. We discuss how to go about this in the most effective way possible

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Process Governance and Control

Ad hoc discounting and lack of adherence to pricing strategy can derail even the most sophisticated plans. Ownership, accountability and communicating your plan to all stakeholders is vital!

Humanitarian Assistance

Value Based Pricing

How can we turn this from a complicated struggle to something which is quick, easy, produces results and works in multiple regions

Humanitarian Assistance

Blue Sky Session: Pricing Innovation and New Product Pricing

Companies who pour millions of dollars into product innovation and brand strategy often fail at the last hurdle by succumbing to dreary ‘me-to’ pricing. Our Blue-Sky pricing session show cases some of the most innovative, new pricing methods in the market and examines the ROI and value

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Interactive B2B and B2C Streams

At key points during the conference delegates will have the opportunity to join industry specific roundtables and discuss topics tailored to their company. These include capturing consumer emotion, negotiating with procurement and behavioural pricing strategy

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