eBook on Pricing Strategies in the Modern Marketplace

eBook on Pricing Strategies in the Modern Marketplace

There are only three ways to increase profits – sell more, cut costs or raise prices! The first two are difficult whilst the third one is, in of itself, easy. The real challenge is ensuring that you introduce your price increase in a way that balances the perceived value of your product or service with the amount that customers are willing the pay for it. But even if you manage this, how do you stop sales representatives lowering their prices out of fear that price increases will drive customers away?

Learn more about this topic area, with this exclusive eBook written by Finance IQ: “Pricing Strategy eBook 2018”. 

The eBook covers the following:

• Benchmark against your competitors and drive revenue through innovative strategies, data, and pricing automation

• Amazon’s dynamic pricing strategy

• Mcdonald’s counter-intuitive stairway pricing strategy

• The psychology behind Apple’s prestige pricing

• How does American Airlines leverage dynamic pricing

• The foundations of an effective pricing strategy

• Dispelling pricing myths

• Understanding pricing analytics

• Prince elasticity analysis

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