Deliver the Finance Function of the Future

Historically, the finance function has been focused on closing the books, managing its performance then reporting on it each month. However the role is changing. After 2020, the c-suite expects greater forward thinking from the finance department to provide insight into business performance, and identify areas of potential for automation, process efficiency or growth.

From January 20-21, 2021 participate in the Finance Transformation Leader’s Digital Summit. The virtual event is dedicated to tackling the responsibilities finance leaders face today, and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Join senior thought leaders, solutions providers and ground-breakers helping fellow finance leaders deliver their goals. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Consolidation and Simplification: From data management to legacy systems, reducing duplication across the business by using automation and cloud computing translates into reduced costs and faster turnaround
  • Gaining Management Buy-In: Convincing senior management of the importance of ERP upgrades, or the ROI of cleaner data practices is the first, crucial step in driving change
  • Steering with Insight: Utilizing financial forecasting, project management skills and internal partnerships to become captains of transformation

Who is this Event For?

From Finance Executives, to project leaders and innovation drivers, the Finance Transformation Leaders Summit is for anyone who wants the practical insights and thought leadership that will help them roll up their sleeves and lead the change they want to see in their finance function.

Featured Speakers for 2021