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Convince Your Boss

Need help getting approval to attend? We appreciate that time out of the office can be difficult to justify, especially with the constant pressures of return on investment and time. This is why we have put together this short letter for you to use in your internal decision-making process, if needed. Hope it's useful.

Five Emerging Risks in Regulation and Compliance

The financial industry has to keep up with a changing world as it deals with operational risk, regulation and compliance. Financial institutions have responsibilities in investigating and mitigating risks which could be anything from cyber security, political, financial crime risks, fraud and conduct. Here we take a look at five emerging risks in today’s climate; cyber security, data risk, regulatory fragmentation, geopolitics and competition. 

The Growing Impact of FinTech and RegTech on Modern Financial Institutions

FinTech and Regtech are among the latest buzzwords of the modern financial world. These industries have risen in a response to the complex challenges and risks as we become ever more interconnected in our dealings with one another. Download our article to find out how FinTech and RegTech are changing the face of modern finance forever. 

Preparing for the Effective Implementation of Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

Learn more about efficitve implmentation about Common Reporting Standard (CRS) in your organisation from the Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Manulife (International) Limited.