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Fighting the flames: The cost of Kuwait's industrial fires and preventing future incidents

Industrial fires cause dozens of casualties and millions of dollars of damage every year in Kuwait, particularly in the summer months when extreme heat conditions spark electrical fires and high winds enable the quick spreading of the flames.

Download the infographic now to discover the most common causes of industrial fires in Kuwait as well as the most effective prevention and protection strategies to adhere to.

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Fighting fire the smarter way: Fire cost factors and prevention strategies for the Middle East in 2018

The ongoing spate of high-profile residential, industrial and commercial fires occurring across the Middle East has led to a heightening of regulatory scrutiny regarding fire safety, with a knock-on effect of higher investment in fire prevention/protection solutions.

Download the infographic now to discover what leading solutions are attracting interest in the ME fire safety market today.

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Prospectus - Fire Safety GCC Series

Elevate your involvement by participating as a partner and get noticed by key stakeholders responsible for fire safety in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Download the prospectus now to see why you should partner and the available packages.