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Be part of the 10th International Conference Offshore Foundations from 22 - 25 June, 2020 in Hamburg, Germany. This conference presents the optimal foundation concept to ensure structural integrity, starting with a focus day on corrosion protection. Early ...


COWI Presentation on Seismic Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations

Get access to exclusive presentation by Søren Peder Hyldal Sørensen, Senior Specialist Geotechnical Offshore Wind, COWI where he talks about the project experience in Taiwan. The presentation covers the following topics:Liquefaction assessment in highly layered loose/soft silty soilPrediction of residual rotation of MP after design seismic event

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Are you interested in attending the 10th International Offshore Foundations Conference 2020? Download the registration form to quickly reserve your spot.


Article on Extreme Weather Conditions and their Effects on Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations

Read this exclusive article on "Extreme Weather Conditions and their Effects on Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations". The article talks about the requirements for offshore wind parks as they're getting more demanding as extreme weather conditions become more frequent in the booming Asian Markets. 

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Partner Content – International Conference Offshore Foundations. Get the Info!

THE ONLY EVENT FOCUSING ON OFFSHORE WIND FOUNDATIONS AND SUBSTRUCTURES This four—day conference presents optimal foundation concepts to ensure structural integrity, kicking-off with a focus day on corrosion protection. Challenges, solutions, and innovations will be explored by experts from SIEMENS GEMESA, Ramboll, Scottish Power Renewables, Vattenfall, RWE Renewables International, Innogy...