Partner Content: SNC LAVALIN-ATKINS Presentation - Optimisation of Offshore Wind Farm Design

Ever envision foundations for extreme weather conditions? SNC LAVALIN-ATKINS offers their exclusive presentation: Optimisation of Offshore Wind Farm Design from their search for answers and goal to optimize design.  Get the presentation from Colin Emmert, Engineering Manager and learn about their approach and search for solutions.  

Explore the questions and provide your answers to:

  • How did SNC LAVALIN-ATKINS overcome optimisation challenges for cost reduction and how did this impact OSW farm locations and layout?
  • Which tools are still needed to facilitate decision making?
  • How does SNC LAVALIN-ATKINS hope to apply a radical, new, holisitc solution? What is needed?
  • New case studies, what do they show?
  • Among others!


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