09 - 11 July, 2019
Dorint City-Hotel Bremen, Germany
Dr. Kai Irschik, System Responsible, Project Certification at Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH
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Dr. Kai Irschik

System Responsible, Project Certification
Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH

Conference day 2

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

4:15 PM Case Study: Re-assessment of non-conform executed transition piece welds

At the offshore wind park BARD Offshore 1 most of the transition pieces show weld flaws (lacunae)
of different extension, which was not intended. The first attempt of treating this non-conformity
was an yearly inspection of all affected TPs by conventional ultra-sonic testing (UT). As the result
of these UT inspection have not been satisfying combined with enormous costs, a re-assessment
has been undertaken to answer: How do non-conformities (NC) look like? How is the local
distribution of NC? Is crack propagation the relevant failure mechanism? Is the repair of the
affected welds avoidable? The program will be presented and the individual steps of the
assessment are discussed.