09 - 11 July, 2019
Swissotel Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Sponsors & Exhibitors


Website: www.cbmm.com

A privately held Brazilian company, CBMM is the largest producer of Niobium products, leader in ore deposits, production capacity, sales, and applications technology. Niobium is an alloying element, used to improve the properties of steel by refining the grain size, increasing the strength and at the same time the toughness,... Read More

Nervión Industries
Website: www.nervionindustries.com

NERVIÓN INDUSTRIES is a business group dedicated to offering wide coverage of industrial services in strategic sectors. Currently, the NERVIÓN INDUSTRIES group is structured into two major areas of activity: Industrial Services, and Engineering & Construction. The first of them, includes the activity of Offshore Wind. Since 2015, NERVIÓN has participated,... Read More