17 - 19 August, 2020 | Sydney

Workshops: Monday, 15 April 2019


9:00 am - 11:30 am Delivering a Better Customer Experience through Field Services: Understanding What Your End User Really Expects

Depending on your organization your end users are either your technicians or your customers. It is therefore understandable that you alter your approach accordingly. In the case of your customer, there is a growing trend towards the uberisation of services and added layer of visibility of end-to-end service delivery. This session will explore how you incorporate a better customer experience that will positively impact your NPS scores.

  • Embedding greater visibility and transparency for your customers: Exploring the use of live tracking for your end-users
  • Up skilling your field staff to adopt a more customer centric approach in service delivery
  • Introducing customer centric KPIs and metrics
  • Leveraging customer centred design to improve your field service delivery
  • Identifying the main fracture points in your end-toend service delivery
  • How do you engage with your customers and capture their feedback in an appropriate manner
Tim Walker, Head of Field Operations, South Pacific at NCR Corporation

Tim Walker

Head of Field Operations, South Pacific
NCR Corporation


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Delivering Change and Optimising Transformation in a Distributed Workforce

Driving change is a challenge in itself, but when working with a distributed and remote workforce there is an added layer of complexity. This session will explore strategies and tactics that can be employed to address the complexities of transformation within a distributed workforce. Plus it will delve in the use of technology to aid and enable engagement and learning.

  • Discussing the best change management strategies that have worked in the past: Roadshows, Skype Meetings, Building strong working relationships with line managers
  • Identifying KPIs and metrics for change management specific to a distributed workforce
  • Leveraging your mobility platform to enable change
Jason Hamm, Head of Network Business Transformation at Ericsson (USA)

Jason Hamm

Head of Network Business Transformation
Ericsson (USA)