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The 2030 Office: The Trends Driving Employee Well-Being and Productivity

Ahead of the Future Offices Summit 2019 we look at strategies, features and inclusions organisations have integrated within their workplaces in their bid to improve employee experience, collaboration and overall business outcomes.  

Insights from Google, LEGO, Uber: Creating Employee-Centric Workplaces to Drive Innovation, Productivity & Business Outcomes

Exploring the next generation workplace, and the affect of workplace design, culture and technology on employee productivity and experience are Google, The LEGO Group (LEGO) and Uber. These brands, considered some of the most innovative in the world, share their recent workplace transformations and delve into the impact on organisational productivity, talent retention and innovation.

Insights from Vodafone: How Workplace Technology is Broadening Talent Pools and Driving Superior Employee Experiences

It is well-known amongst successful business leaders that organisations that provide a great employee experience see this trickle down to their customers. As Richard Branson says; “if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.” As such several businesses have implemented new employee experience optimisation strategies to ensure their staff can deliver customers and clients the best possible experience. 

The strategy making the most noise however is flexible working, which encourages a greater work-life balance, allows employees to fit daily life activities around work commitments, and  creates more diverse and inclusive talent pools – allowing your business to hire the brightest and the best.

With a recent study by UK based Hydrogen Recruitment indicating that 81% of employees look for flexible working options before joining a company, 65% of employers finding that people are more loyal if allowed to work flexibly and 58% of parents choosing flexible working in place of a 5% pay rise, the way forward is clear.

In support of flexible working, talent attraction and better employee experiences telecommunication’s provider, Vodafone Australia, has begun a two year workplace transformation that looks to normalise and encourage flexibility through strategic technology upgrades and a cultural shift.