Future Universities:
Educational Spaces that Work!

Universities and Higher Education Institutions are at a critical crossroads as candidates wonder “Is College worth the investment?” With the onset of the iGeneration, technological advances have allowed this next group of potential college enrollees to be connected 24/7, wherever they are most comfortable and see fit. However, Colleges & Universities have not kept pace and need to create environments that turn a passive student into an active learner through innovative, interactive and flexible spaces.

Across this series, we have heard from the likes of Dr. Michelle Samura from Chapman University about the relationship between space, belonging and a sense of design and Chirag Kadiwar, Director of Workplace Planning at Facebook, about strategies to translate needs into optimal facility solutions through capital investment and financial analysis.

Join our prestigious community which has alumni including USC, Yale, Facebook, Uber, University of Texas, UCLA, Google and Arizona State at the 7th iteration of Future Universities as we tackle the iGeneration together! This will connect you with best use cases within higher education; hear from the most sought after corporations offering unparalleled ‘campuses’; network with university peers and explore the latest and most innovative solutions that will allow you to create spaces that work.

    • Plan the work: Learn how to build the business case to win over the Board of Regents and multiple other key stakeholders to lay the foundation of your Next Generation University sooner than later
    • Innovate: Understand how Multi-Use Buildings WOW potential students and keep people engaged 24/7
    • Avoid the pitfalls: Learn from the experts! Whether it be another College, University, or Corporation, case studies based on recently completed projects will allow you to see it from their perspective from inception through completion, filled with successes and challenges
    • Impact that lasts: Benchmark the impact that interactive, sustainable, inclusive environments have on students and enrollment!



Watch the highlights from our Future Offices event