At Future Connected Aircraft 2018, we will look at how aircraft is digitizing, making MRO, flight paths, and flight operations more efficient in order to optimize all aspects of flight, widening industry profit margins. Improving air traffic management alone could save the industry up to $3 billion per year.

We will take a look at best practices for retrofitting to minimize decommission time; look at how new builds can improve efficiencies and allow airlines to future-proof; the cyber security challenges facing the industry as connectivity increases the threat landscape; scaling up broadband through satellite constellations; and how to give passengers access to internet while protecting their personal data. And hear about new technologies like Wireless Avionics Intra-Communication (WAIC) Technology, which can reduce internal electronics and reduce weight and drag.

Join us as we discuss ways to mitigate the three biggest challenges in aircraft connectivity: digitization, increasing data streams, and security!

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Learn from Leaders in Connected Aircraft

Connectivity, digitization, and security experts from leading airlines and OEMs are coming together under one roof to teach your team how these technologies are being implemented in new and existing fleets.


Shake hands with the best of the best!

Take advantage of the endless networking opportunities with top airline and OEM experts & familiarize yourself with the most up-to-date information to share


Empower Yourself with the Right Solutions

Hear from leading technology experts to learn how to incorporate connectivity and digitization solutions throughout the aircraft to connect your passengers, flight crew and MRO teams.


Participate in Thought-Provoking Discussions

Delve deep into the connectivity and digitization strategies, innovative satellite technologies and strategic planning that is essential to ensure your aircraft and fleets will be competitive and future-proofed.


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