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Future Connected Aircraft - Your Event Guide

Global airlines, OEMs and other leading experts of flight connectivity with gather at Future Connected Aircraft this Dec. 6 - 7 in Dallas, TX. In this inaugural Summit, you will also hear from FAA, RTCA, GAMA, and EUROCAE leadership, who will lead insightful presentations and robust panel ...

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Preparing for Future Cyber Threats to Aircraft

In this inside look with Peter Skaves, CSTA of the FAA. Peter Skave will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Future Connected Aircraft Summit, running December 6-7 in Dallas, TX. The following interview provides an overview of what Skaves will discuss in further detail onsite. Join us to dive ...

The Connectivity Takeoff

Connected Aircraft is the future. From in-flight WiFi to predictive maintenance technologies, connectivity is changing the capabilities of aviation as we know it. These changes have the potential to save airlines and the aviation industry as a whole a significant amount of money in the long term. ...


Peter Skaves, Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor for Advanced Avionics at the FAA offers a comprehensive overview of  Aircraft Systems Information Security Protection (ASISP) from an FAA AVS perspective.

Flying Into the Future

In preparation of the Future Connected Aircraft Forum, peruse this piece on how to futureproof to ensure long term success. Futureproofing is one of major concerns for airlines considering adopting this new technological trend. There are ways to safeguard against obsolescence and to maintain rele ...

Path to Affordable MEA

This presentation by Honeywell Chief Engineer Electromechanical Power Systems, Evgeni Ganev, serves to highlight the benefits of MEA and how we can achieve these with a comprehensive to do list of component- and architectural solutions for overall cost reductions in More Electric Aircraft.

Safran Research & Technology for More Electric Aircraft

Safran on MEA technology challenges and opportunities:Research and technology activities in MEATechnology challenges and opportunities

Emirates crew use smartphones to take Business Class passengers’ F&B orders

The airline industry is taking its first steps in this digitally-enabled F&B service. Besides the handful of airlines – including Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines, FlyDubai and Virgin America – that allow passengers to place orders via the in-seat IFE system

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Use this pre-drafted letter as a request to approve the Future Connected Aircraft Summit of 2018.  Feel free to edit the letter as you see fit and include additional information from the agenda or speaker lineup. This letter template is a great way to seek approval for attendance from your...

Anticipated Attendee List

Take a look at who we anticipate to be in attendance come this December 6-7, 2018 in Dallas, TX!

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Connected Aircraft Market Report 2017-2027

The connected aircraft market is an area of high forecast growth. The key player assesses the market to be valued at $2.7bn in 2017 and with continued advancement and sustained market demand, the key player has forecast growth for the connected aircraft market.

Global In-Flight Entertainment Systems Market

The sample report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global in-flight entertainment market for 2017-2021. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated by aircraft (narrow-body, wide-body, and business jet) through the implementation of IFE technology.

Global In-flight Broadband Market 2016-2020

The sample report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global in-flight broadband market for 2016-2020. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated through the application of broadband in-service platforms (L-band, Ku-band, and High Throughput Satellite (HTS)) in aircraft (narrow-body, wide-body, and business...

Global Aviation Cyber Security Market 2016-2020

The sample report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global aviation cyber security market for 2016-2020. To calculate the market size, we considered revenues generated from the sale of cyber security solutions to the aviation sector. The cyber security solutions include stand-alone and integrated software suites...


Honeywell: Airlines expect to spend millions on connected aircraft tech (Video)

A recent report from Honeywell shows just how heavily the airline industry plans to invest in connected technologies for aircraft within the next 1-5 years. Honeywell Aerospace itself has already heavily invested in connected aircraft technology, appearing to be the trendsetter in the rapidly evolving aviation world.

The Connectivity Takeoff: By the Numbers

 Connectivity is the wave of the future for the aviation industry, and airlines are heavily investing. This informative piece provides an informative breakdown of the numbers from an investment and revenue standpoint for Connected Aircraft. For additional information, be sure sure to attend the Future Connected Aircraft Summit  running December...

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The aviation industry could save $15 billion a year through connected aircraft

Marisa Garcia from Tnooz reports on how the aviation industry has the potential to save billions by incorporating connectivity into their aircraft. Garcia's article references The London School of Economics study for connectivity provider Immarsat; the study showed impressive projected savings in both dollars as well as CO2 emissions.

Reliable Aircraft Connectivity for Passengers – Appreciated or Expected?

Product Manager at GateHouse Telecom A/S , Svend H. Sørensen, explains the importance of adaptive SATCOM testing and application to deliver on the reliable aircraft connectivity portion of the ideal passenger experience. This piece, written for Connected Aviation Today, offers a comprehensive look at one of the latest developments to come to...

Going Beyond the Basic Connected Aircraft and Understanding the Future of Connectivity

Connected Aviation today offers a comprehensive breakdown of the meaning of Connectivity in aircraft and what it means for the future of the aviation industry. The basics are important, but the future is sure  to offer a wealth of advancements which will not only be relevant but imperative for airlines...

Building a Culture of Innovation – Q&A with Brock Solutions President Vivienne Ojala

Vivienne Ojala, President of Brock Solutions, the Automation Engineering Solutions Company, sat down with Connected Aviation Today to discuss how she landed in the aviation industry, what her thoughts are for the future of it, and words of wisdom for others in the same space.

GE Unveils Open Avionics Demonstrator

Straight from the Farnborough Air Show, this GE demonstrator incorporates the hardware, tools, and infrastructure to support a range of connected software applications. As GE Aviation continues to invest in open flight-deck technologies, they are also involved in a partnership with the UK government, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, and Coventry and Southampton Universities...

Connected Aircraft to Save Aviation Industry $15 Billion Per Year and 21.3 Million Tonnes of CO2 Emissions by 2035

IFExpress reports on the savings to come for the entire aviation industry by using connectivity in aircraft. The potential savings in both dollars as well as carbon dioxide missions are expected to be significant come the 2035. For a more detailed look at how the savings will be realized, read...

12 Best Practices of MRO Inventory Optimization for Oil & Gas Companies

Minimizing costs while maximizing uptime with MRO inventory control. Review this piece by ONIQUA's Andy Hill, the CEO and co-founder. Hill began his career at Rolls Royce Aerospace in the UK and later founded a maintenance spares inventory consulting business out of Australia. This piece relates to the Future Connected...