April 28 - 30, 2020 | Houston, TX

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Future Offices Spring 2020 Event Guide

Saddle up - we're headed to Houston, April 28 - 30, 2020! While we finish putting the finishing touches on our Future Offices Spring 2020 Event Guide, help yourself to the preliminary agenda to get a scope on the topics, sessions, and early speakers we've got.

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Articles & Thought Leadership

Inside the 2030 Workplace

What does the future hold for office design? In this look into the 2030 office, we look at the top 11 solutions, trends and innovations expected to dramatically change office design over the next decade. Key questions we ask in this report  are:What does the next generation of workers need...

Making Open Office Layout Work

The open office layout is having a PR crisis. Over the past few years, dozens if not hundreds of articles have been published everywhere from the Fast Company to Buzzfeed to the Washington Post trashing the open office layout. But are open layout offices really the root of all negative...

7 Hot Tech Trends for Office Design

Technology, especially new construction, impacts every aspect of our daily lives. Learn more about the top seven tech trends hitting the Future Offices Market. Over the next 9 pages, we’ll unpack everything from open space floor plans to IoT and discuss why it’s imperative for offices to jump on the...

The “Rise of Humanity” in Design: A Conversation with Cheryl Durst, Executive Vice President and CEO, IIDA

As the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of IIDA, Cheryl is committed to achieving broad recognition for the value of design and its significant role in society through both functionality and engagement in everyday workspaces and the built environment.Furthermore, in 2015 and 2017, she was named one of...

Intelligent Space Design

In this interview, Siemens Real Estate's EVP, Head of Region Americas, Michael Kruklinski talks about how Siemens leverages "intelligent space design" to make their offices more profitable, efficient and sustainable. Other highlights from the conversation include:Using sensors to ensure workspaces are not under- or over-utilized Avoiding a "one-size-fits-all" approach to...

New York Shared Workspace Company Brings Collaboration to Life

Collaboration drives creativity in NeueHouse’s shared workspaces. With locations in Manhattan and Los Angeles, NeueHouse offers experiences, workspaces, personalized services and opportunities that foster new ideas and important associations. In that environment, most people don’t want to worry about logging into systems, setting up presentations and passing speaker control from...

Designing for Human Interaction in the Office

Organizations are increasingly realizing that in order to attract and retain topmost talent, they must ensure work environments promote productivity, wellness and meaningful, human interactions. However, accomplishing this requires more that simply a deep understanding of space usage and work process but, above all else, empathy. To truly understand what...

Key Reasons Why Large Corporations are Choosing Flexible Workspace

Flexible Workspaces have problem to earn some big benefits for big companies! Read Office Freedom's reasons why some of the largest companies are moving to flexible workspaces instead of the traditional office. Cost ReductionSpeed to MarketFlexibility and Access to TalentGreat Spaces Available


Tying Office Design to Employee Performance

At the 2018 Future Office West this past summer, we sat down with Ruven Gotz, Director, Digital Workplace Advisory at Avanade, to discuss the future of workspace design, how work environments impact employee productivity and why Future Offices is different from other office design events.

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Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Space Planning & Optimization

How Offices Use AI Technology in Workplace StrategiesPresentation by:Sunil Suram, Director of AI & Big Data, TangoBart Waldeck, CMO & SVP Product StrategyHow Tango Uses AI Technology:Computational infrastructure for real estate and facilities Modeling for commercial AI implementation; ex: foot traffic

The Future of Workplace: Mike Coons & Jeffrey Goldman

Transformations into the Future of the WorkplacePresentation by:Mike Coons, Director, Design Strategy, Knotel Jeffrey Goldman, Head of Workplace Operations, SegmentFind out how Knotel and Segment is adapting to the changing office needs: Researching office utilization with collaboration spaces & floor plansRecognizing the needs of employees to maximize productivity Updating technology...

Designing for Equity: What it is, How it Works, and Why it Matters to Your Organization

Presentation by:Rachel Hunter, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Comcast-NBCUniversal Tracy Needles, Regional Facilities Manager, GoogleMichele Neptune, Director of Sustainability and Wellness, HLWMat Triebner, Director of Strategy and Discovery, HLWSydnee R Corriders, Racial Equity Consultant & Facilitator, SRCorriders, LLCPresentation highlights:Panel discussion about how different companies implement equality/diversity in the workplaceInteractive group...

Change Management Tools and Processes That Help Generate Culture Driven Solutions

Introducing employees to culture, structure, and language as workplace strategies. Presentation by:Paul Battaglia, Principal, Clark-NexsenNona Gross, Workplace Transformation and Change Management, VerizonMatthew Glynn, Manager, Interior Designer, House of CommonsDanielle Kennedy, Founder & CEO, Kadima LeadershipWork-streams identified:health and wellness (HR)technology (IT)coworkingergonomics

Measure Twice, Build Once (Video)

The Science Behind Occupant Focused Specification To Achieve Improved Building Performance, Occupant Productivity And PerceptionPresentation by:Lucas Hamilton, Manager, Building Science Applications, CertainTeed/Saint-Gobain

Make Work Fun: Designing Creative Workspaces Where Employees Can Thrive

More than the Millennial: Modernizing and designing offices for a multigenerational workforce Designing offices that support productivity, innovation, and additionally entertainment Presentation by: Matthew Morris, Director Corporate Real Estate, Cigna Sanjiv Awasthi, VP Global Real Estate, Cigna

Inside Atlassian's 2019 Office Design Strategy

At the 2019 Future Offices Winter, we sat down with Larry Segal, Real Estate Development Lead at Atlassian to discuss:How workspaces enhance the employee experience and increase productivityTips for localizing officesEnsuring space is optimized and fully connected

Past Presentations

Measure Twice, Build Once

THE SCIENCE BEHIND OCCUPANT FOCUSED SPECIFICATION TO ACHIEVE IMPROVED BUILDING PERFORMANCE, OCCUPANT PRODUCTIVITY AND PERCEPTIONPresentation by Lucas Hamilton, Manager, Building Science Applications, CertainTeed / Saint-GobainPutting people first is the right order when it comes to creating spaces for companies to thriveDesign and product specification should be based on how the...

FICO’s Global Check-In Deployment

Transforming The Way People Are Welcomed In Corporate Offices Through Technology: MISTAKES WERE MADE and what we’ve learned.Presentation by:Rhio Champine, Engineer, FICOGregory Blondeau, CEO & Founder, ProxyclickFind out how FICO used technology to achieve the following goals:Become GDPR compliantReduce management overheadCreate a unified experienceModernize our officesReduce effort by visitorsCloud first

Designing Space to Attract, Develop, and Retain the Workforce of the Future

How State Fund Transformed a 100+ Year Old Company Culture With The Creation of a Corporate University.Presentation by:Teresa I. Navarec, Vice President of Corporate Real Estate, State Compensation Insurance FundAndrea Bailey, HR Business Partner and Chief of Staff, State Compensation Insurance Fund

The Digital Workplace Transformation

Analyzing job responsibilities and determining the most essential technologyCreating an alignment between office design, technology, and your workforcePresentation by Danny Rogers, VP of Channels, AVI-SPL